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Kris Holcomb
04 July 2029 @ 12:00 am
Just a reminder. I'm making this journal Friends Only. Only things I want to make known public, like eBay auctions, will remain public.
Kris Holcomb
01 January 2029 @ 12:00 am
Just to completely mess up the LJ order of things, I'm messing with the posted date.

Oh, and while we're waiting, go to the following links. Because I said so.

Kris Holcomb
25 June 2013 @ 09:10 pm
I'll just be posting non-sequitors here. Things that go beyond 140 characters, but don't exactly fit to post on FA in terms of the message. Each thing will go into its own paragraph. And it's going to be a part one in a series of things I'd like to talk about.

I know I've kept posting tweets about Mystery Fursuit (not Mystery Otter), but really, I haven't started a thing yet. I haven't even gotten the head base done. I know I've got a lot of drama to deal with at work and home, but I'm not going to use them as excuses. Because really, excuses have really gotten me nowhere that I wanted to go.

Rain Furrest 2009 was the first convention I drove to that happened to be an out of state con. I drove up with a friend, Blaze Arctic. During that drive, we ended up staying at a motel for the evening. After coming back, I've always wondered if I could make it up to Seattle again, only without stopping for the night. Sort of like what Balto did going up to Rain Furrest in 2008. I know I may have to leave at 3 AM on Wednesday morning just to arrive in time to check in on Thursday. It's a stupid plan for a stupid man. And really, the only reason why I want to do such a thing is because I want to take maybe two or three fursuits with me, and I don't want either the TSA or baggage handlers to try and mess anything up for me. Plus, I want to be able to see a little bit more of everything on the way up to Seattle. Of course, I should try and do the same thing for Everfree Northwest. I know it's the same weekend as Anthrocon, and really short notice, and impossible to get time off of work from, but I wanna imagine I could take on such a task. (Disclaimer: Such talks of My Little Ponies is no an admission of being a brony, a fan of My Little Ponies, or both! :P)

That about sums it up for now. Perhaps I should consider doing a part two at some point.
Kris Holcomb
28 October 2010 @ 11:39 pm
I'm going to move all journals regarding non-fandom related activities to my Live Journal account. Anything associated with FA will remain there, and everything else will be here. Facebook? I don't think so.

First and foremost, I'm thinking of setting up my own little private studio. Nothing fancy, really just a modest set of equipment. Namely, Alien Bees Digibee light kit upgraded to two B800 lamps, a Sekonic flash meter, Pocket Wizards, and a muslin backdrop, either green or red. Gonna probably be in the neighborhood of $1500, after tax, shipping, and all that. The B800's will be the biggest cost, running about $709.


I *WOULD* upgrade my camera from what I have now (Canon Rebel XTi) to something a little better (Canon 7D), but as you've already noticed, buying lighting equipment isn't that affordable. And really, it all comes down to the fundamental economic principle of scarcity. $1500 for the aforementioned modestly set up studio, or $1700-1900 to upgrade my camera, depending on whether or not I just buy the body or opt in for the kit lens.

That, and the fact that I can pretty much go for my lights a few parts at a time. The lamps first, then the transceivers, meter, and then backdrop. All with money being saved and spent as I went along. The 7D, conversely, is an all at once expense. That, along with the fact that I'd also need to get a computer that's solely dedicated to photography. Because, after all, one computer's already starting to betray me, and the other's running a version of Vista that's not exactly fully functional.

But, hey, at least in the mean time, I've got a few projects in mind that I can start working on while I'm getting things started.
Kris Holcomb
12 October 2010 @ 09:13 pm
An update to my 'States Visited' post. This one includes Colorado.

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Kris Holcomb
17 July 2010 @ 11:07 pm
I'm selling my 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook. It's a classic car, an antique. You don't really see too many old cars out on the road anymore. So, early tomorrow, I'm putting it up on eBay. $10K OBO.

Or, you could just buy it from me now.

Classic beauty beneath the cutCollapse )
Kris Holcomb
05 July 2010 @ 09:02 pm
Kris Holcomb
Instead of 9, I now have then. Some time after posting the last one, which was way back in July 2008, I went up to the fine state of Washington to attend Rain Furrest. It was so nice, in fact, that I went again last year.

So now, less than two years later almost, I'm updating my map of states visited to include Washington state. Perhaps I might consider driving to Midwest Furfest this year and add a few more states along the way. Which begs me to ask to question, 'Who here's going, with the possibility of having bed space in the room for one more furry to sleep on?' I'll pay cash up front and I promise not to be a bother.

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